Soups Liver spätzle (Egg noodles) Soup € 4,80 Meat spätzle (Egg Noodles) Soup € 4,80 Marinated Pork Steaks Prepared in various ways Pork Steak `natural’ With homemade herb butter, French fries and salad € 15,80 Pork Steak `breaded’ With homemade herb butter and salad plate € 15,80 Pork Steak “ Robert “ in mustard sauce, boiled potatoes and mixed vegetables € 16,80 Grilled Meat Marinated Pork Steak With horseradish, pepper, herb butter as well as French fries and salad € 16,80 Escalopes of Pork or Turkey Jägerschnitzel Pork escalopes with fresh mushrooms in a creamy sauce With Spätzle (egg noodles) and salad € 16,80 Paprika Escalopes Pork escalopes in a spicy paprika sauce, with French fries and salad € 16,80 Pork Escalopes “ Wiener Art “ Breaded pork escalopes with French fries and salad € 16,80 Pork Escalopes „Allgäuer Art“ With a creamy horseradish and chives white sauce With mixed vegetables and boiled potatoes € 16,80 Turkey Escalopes “ Natural “ Garnished with colourful mixed vegetables with homemade herb butter and French fries € 17,80 Tender Turkey Escalopes in a fine red wine sauce with Spätzle (egg noodles) and salad € 17,80 Beef Steaks and Pork Medallions Vienna Beef Steak Tender sirloin steak with crispy fried onions with cheesy noodles, gravy and salad € 21,90 Beef Steak Sirloin steak with homemade herb butter, French fries and salad € 21,90 Andalusian Pepper Steak Sirloin steak in a mild sauce with fine sherry, French fries and salad € 22,90 Fillet Skewer “ Seven Swabians “ Pork medallions and ham with cheesy noodles Roasted onions, cream sauce and salad € 20,40 Gormet Pot Pork medallions and grilled bacon with Spätzle (egg noodles) in a creamy sauce, fresh mushrooms and mixed vegetables € 20,40 Our Specialities for 2 people House Platter “ Beautiful Waitress “ Various grilled meats, mushrooms in Cognac sauce, French fries and fine vegetables € 39,80 Fish and Vegetarian dishes Zander Fillet Tender fish fillet cooked in white wine Covered with a fine creamy horseradish sauce With parsley potatoes and salad € 17,50 Vegetable Dumplings In a creamy Emmental sauce With colourful mixed vegetables € 14,80 Healthy Salad With lots of refreshing seasonal salads And hot and spicy strips of turkey € 14,80 From the Swabian Kitchen (not on Sundays and holidays noon) Pork steaks – “Art der Flößer“ With bacon, fried egg, French fries and mixed vegetables € 16.80 Cheese Spätzle (egg noodles) With melted cheese, crispy fried onions and salad € 13.80 Allgäuer Ravioli Filled with a fine herb stuffing with sliced fried onions, potato salad and green salad € 14.50 Sausages "Nackerte" Skinless Veal sausages With potato salad and green salad € 14.80 Snacks from 17:00 Sandwiches Either filled with cheese, cooked ham or meat loaf Richly garnished with fresh salad € 7,80 Fried Eggs Ham sandwich with two fried egss, richly garnished € 9,80 Toast “ Hawaii “ Toasted ham and pineapple with Emmental cheese € 11,50 Meat Loaf with egg With potato salad and seasonal salads € 9,50 Sausage Salad with bread With fine meat loaf € 9,50 Swiss Sausage salad with bread With fine meat loaf and Emmental cheese € 9,80 Two Wiener Sausages With a pretzel € 6,50